Extracellular Electrophysiology Acquisition is a Cajal NeuroKit. NeuroKits are hybrid courses that combine online lectures about fundamentals and advanced neuroscience topics, with hands-on and physical experiments.
Researchers from all over the world can participate thanks to the course material sent by post in a kit box containing all the tools needed to follow the online course. 

Course overview

This course provides a fundamental foundation for new experimental neuroscientists. It is targeted at students beginning a PhD or researchers entering the field from another discipline. The course introduces the essentials of sensors, motor control, programming, data analysis, and machine learning by guiding the students through the “hands on” construction of an increasingly capable robot. 

In parallel, related concepts in neuroscience are introduced as nature’s solution to the challenges students encounter while designing and building their own intelligent system.

Course Partners


Course directors

Adam Kampff

Course Director
Voight Kampff, London, UK

Andreas Kist

Course Director
Department for Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering (AIBE), Erlangen, Germany

Elena Dreosti

University College London, UK

What will you learn?

You will be building a robot without using any black boxes. The robot’s physical layout mimics the basic anatomy of a (vertebrate) brain, and during teh course it will evolve into an increasingly sophisticated machine. 

The course is divided into three sections (following the anatomy of the brain): hindbrain (reflexes), midbrain (behaviour), and forebrain (intelligence?).

             Organisation of the course

Each day begins with the students completing a set of online tutorials that guide them through the addition of new parts to their robot. In the afternoon, a live lecture and discussion with the course instructors will expand on the new topics and present a daily challenge for the students to complete.


This one-week course covers a broad range of technologies and skills. Therefore, to allow students to go deeper into topics of particular interest/relevance, additional and pre-recorded material will be provided before the course, and each student will also work on a project based on their personalised robot’s features.

These projects will be presented in a group session taking place one week after the end of the course. During thsi time students will continue to have access to the course faculty to consolidate their understanding and knowledge.


Day 1: Sensors and Motors

Day 2: Microcontrollers and Programming #1

Day 3: Computers and Programming #2

Day 4: (Machine) Vision

Day 5: (Machine) Learning



– Registration fee: 450€ per person (includes shipping of the course kit, pre-recorded and live lectures before and during the course, full attendance to the course, and course certificate).

– Registration fee for a group: 450for one person and one course kit 150€ for additional people without the course kit 

Application will close on 30 July 2021.

To receive more information about this NeuroKit, email info@cajal-training.org