Why our courses are so special?

Since 2015, we have offered hands-on advanced neuroscience training courses to more than 500 international scientists. Our courses have been described by participants as a life-changing experience which allows them to pursue their dream scientific career.

Each course gathers top-notch scientists and instructors so that they can share with participants their scientific knowledge and technical expertise, but also inspire and encourage them to pursue their own ideas by demystifying technology.

The informal atmosphere and the high number of speakers and instructors allow students to learn in depth, share ideas and make new connections and friendships with the current and future scientific community.

The curriculum of our main courses is constantly updated to include the latest technologies and discoveries. In addition, our selection board is committed to keeping abreast with the needs of the neuroscience community by selecting new course topics every year. Ideas for new courses originate from suggestions gather through the FENS Call for ideas or the Cajal website and alumni community.

Cajal is also fully committed to offer a diverse and inclusive scientific training environment. We also encourage course directors to keep a gender balance in speakers, instructors and participants.

Cajal courses owe their success to the following key training elements:

1. Lectures by leading scientists with methodological training sessions

2. Interactive and engaging atmosphere, life-changing experience.

3. Team experiments and mini research projects to consolidate theory

4. Top research facilities in two strategic locations

Where are our participants from?

Cajal is fully committed to offering a scientific environment of inclusion and diversity in all our courses. We support talented young scientists from all over the world by offering stipends and travel grants for our courses. We also encourage course directors to keep a gender balance in speakers, instructors and participants.

What people say about our courses?

    “In only three weeks, I explored new topics, developed a deeper understanding of the field, and learned new techniques and analysis approaches. Whether you are a first-year PhD student or an experienced post-doc, I can definitely recommend the CAJAL courses as an incredible opportunity for scientific growth and for establishing an international network of highly specialised researchers.”

Cristina Vagnoni, interacting with neural circuits, 2017, course participant.

“This was a life-changing experience. As a nontraditional theoretical neuroscientist, I gained an incredible amount of confidence that will carry me quite far.”

Ilenna Jones, Computational neuroscience, 2019, course participant.

“Even with high expectations, I learnt more from this course than I expected through many interesting talks by very impressive speakers.”

Matteo Bernabo, Advanced techniques for synapse biology, 2019, course participant.