Support the Cajal Training Programme

The Cajal Programme is thankful to its partners and sponsors, which allow the programme to organise and maintain top-quality and state-of-the-art neuroscience courses taught by renowned scientists. The Cajal Funding and Venue Partners are at the core of Cajal’s financial support. External partners and sponsors are also essential for running courses and for developing new ones. Each of them contributes by providing financial support as well as their specific knowledge and expertise.

Cajal is currently expanding its portfolio of courses to reach out to a higher number of top-quality scientists all over the world. If your organisation is interested in joining and supporting the Cajal mission to provide high-level training to the new generation of neuroscientists and make a real impact in neuroscience and mental health, please contact our central administration at

The Funding Partners

Our funding partners created the Cajal Programme. They are part of the leadership and therefore guarantee that Cajal maintains its high standards. In order to expand its course portfolio, CAJAL is looking for new funding partners who share its principles and mission: train the new generation of talented early career scientists with state-of-the-art technologies and knowhow. If interested, please email us.

The Venue Partners

The Bordeaux School of Neuroscience and the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown are the two European venues hosting CAJAL on-site courses. The Programme is also looking for new venues to host CAJAL courses, to develop new training courses or help in improving and supporting their existing courses. The Sainsbury Wellcome Trust Centre is currently supporting CAJAL in developing the Neurokit Courses. If you are interested in becoming a CAJAL venue, please send us an email.

The Course Partners

These partners have made a substantial contribution to the organisation of specific CAJAL courses. Please email the central administration,, if you would like to support an existing course or partner with the Cajal Programme to organise a hands-on course.

Stipends and Grants Partners

These partners have either giving stipends to students, or financially contributed to the course. Their support allows to provide free courses (no registration fee) to talented students, especially the ones coming from non-rich laboratories. Please email the central administration,, if you are interested in this opportunity.

Other sponsors

These sponsors help CAJAL to reduce the costs of courses by giving loans of technical equipment, reduce facility costs, provide services at lower fares, etc. If you think our courses could benefit from your knowhow, techniques or services, please let us know by emailing us at

Travel and childcare Sponsors

These sponsors cover extra costs for our participants from travel expenses to childcare.

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