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📝 Did you know CAJAL courses include intensive hands-on projects on advanced neuroscience topics?The Movement and motor control in health and disease will include projects on:- Simultaneous imaging of D1 and D2 medium spiny neurons’ activity in freely moving mice.- Investigating connectivity among reticulospinal neurons in vivo.- Estimating how many reticulospinal neurons are sufficient to trigger locomotor bouts.- Understanding locomotion behaviour in Parkinson’s disease through quantitative measures – From lab to real world.- Investigating the motor functions of diverse classes of hindbrain and spinal interneurons via CRISPR/Cas genome editing in Xenopus.- Ex vivo and in vivo patch clamp recordings.- Neuropixel recording in mice performing a Forelimb Reaching task - Modeling the motor system.- Using and developing open-source tools to investigate motor behavior and its neuronal correlates.- Build a basic brain-computer interface for decoding movement intention.- Activity of Globus Pallidus Arkypallidal neurons during skilled-reaching movements in mice.- Pathophysiology of bradykinetic motor behavior in a non-human primate model of Parkinson’s disease.- Modelling the mouse spinal cord structure and its emergent dynamics in space.⏰ Deadline: 22 July 2024👉 Info & applications: loom.ly/_436qRg📆 Dates: 18 Nov - 6 Dec 2024🌏 Location: Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, Bordeaux, France👥 Directors: Rune Berg, Claire Wyart, Nicolas Mallet ... See MoreSee Less
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