“Training is the key to accelerating progress in neuroscience.”

The Cajal Programme is taking the lead in revolutionizing neuroscience training by providing better, cheaper, and broader access to state-of-the-art methods and tools. Join us in this endeavour.

The Cajal Programme is developing a new and much needed training initiative called the NeuroKit curriculum.


Although technological progress in neuroscience has made major leaps and has incredible potential, these new tools and skills remain in the hands of far too few research labs. As a consequence, neuroscience progress remains slow and neuroscientists are struggling to deliver the much needed breakthroughs. To overcome this, we need a new way to train neuroscientists at a much larger scale, offer a constantly updated curriculum, and facilitate the organization of local high-quality courses that provide access to everyone.


Our aim is to create the first core curriculum on foundational experimental neuroscience to empower young researchers and equip them with modern neuroscience technical skills, helping them to make the breakthroughs that could revolutionize our understanding of the brain in health and disease. No such complete and tailored curriculum that provides hands-on hardware and software experience is currently available.


We believe that anyone from anywhere should have access to the best training available. For this, we carefully develop course materials, based on real lab equipment, that can be easily shipped throughout the world, and course content that can be easily shared.


Our courses are targeted to any young neuroscientist that wants to start a career in neuroscience. We believe that these courses should be part of any master, or PhD, program such that many more neuroscientists can receive the best training available and be connected with a large community of experts that can provide technical support throughout their careers. Become a local partner and run our NeuroKits courses. Find out here who is already a local partner, and more information.


No one can make a revolution alone. Therefore, we are seeking forward-looking, visionary organizations, foundations, institutes, etc., that share our mission. With your help we can reach many more countries, especially under-represented ones, provide stipends, and support the long-term organisation of local courses.

Please get in contact with us if you want to support this initiative. (info@cajal-training.org).

Our past participants

“This was the most engaging course I ever took part in. I strongly recommend it to everyone interested.”


“The course was fantastic. In just one week, we got to build our own acquisition systems and record EMGs at home! I am really glad to have participated.”


Extracellular Electrophysiology Acquisition course participants

“A breathless challenge, surprise and inspiration!”


“I would recommend this multi-disciplinary course to our neuroscience community, what I’ve learned here can’t be got from anywhere else.”


Experimental Neuroscience Bootcamp, Neurokit participants